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DJ Prodijay


Prodijay is a metaphor for the journey of life and the pursuit of one’s soul and individuality in this world. The message may first perceive the word ‘prodigy’ as being related to a young person, having extraordinary talent or ability: a musical prodigy, but when analyzed to a deeper symbolic level, it is much more. The word Prodijay can be seen as a phrase we use to empower our creativity and unique talents out to the world. Prodijay intends for our clothing to have the same purpose, to have individuals use our clothing as a way to find their own original spirit. Being able to express visually what they feel within through our clothing.

DJ Prodijay


We are a brand that expands always from music, art, philosophy, and creativity above everything else. We create to reach out to everyone and aspire to help motivate and encourage positivity.

- Prodijay

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